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Business Coaching

Are you looking to initiate change, and improve your business operations? You are in the right place.


About Business Coaching

At JB Partners, we have built our Business Coaching around understanding your customers, teams and procedures and providing coaching and guidance to help achieve your goals.

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Successful, sustainable businesses are built around the people they serve. At JB Partners, we work with you and your team to evaluate your audience and keep their needs and experience at the center of your business development



Your staff is an extension of the total vision of your business and a crucial factor in delivering exceptional customer experiences. As part of the Business Coaching program, we communicate with your team and work to ensure that they share in upholding your mission.


Customize to your needs

Let us meet you where you're at. No BS excuses to move forward.



Working with JB Partners to transform your company through Business Coaching has three components.

Your business faces unique challenges, and JB Partners will create a plan tailored to your needs. To capture the necessary information, we’ll review 4 key areas including:

  • Facility & Foundations
  • Team Assessment
  • Protocols & Procedures
  • Ideal Clients


We compile all of the results and coach you to success.

The team at JB Partners believes you are 100% able to achieve all you desire and will be there to support and guide you in defining and achieving your goals. Your coursework begins with a self-reflective look at how you present yourself as a business owner and leader. We work with you to discover your leadership skills and evaluate how you perform under stress, adapt to change, and take action.

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You are the expert in your life and we will honor this.

You and your Business Coach will engage in a thought-provoking and creative process to set goals and maximize your personal and professional potential. We create a Next Steps Plan outlining action items for you and your team. Because successful businesses are not built alone. Your Business Coach will provide ongoing calls and reporting to keep the project and your business moving forward towards your goals.

What to Expect

Your partnership with JBP will provide everything you need to build, manage, and grow a successful office. We’ll work together to deliver analysis, reporting and customized processes and documentation that will prepare you and your team for success. Deliverables include,

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