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Bring synergy to your full team of staff, no matter what role they play.  The changes you make to your leadership style can be supported by your team to enable reliable growth, sustainable revenue, and less stress.

What is the Leadership Series?

You expect support in your practice from your full team of field specialists, management, office administration staff, and receptionists. What do you do if the support isn’t there?  JB Partners coaches you in strong leadership skills while training your staff to become a true team.

Find out how much more productive, relaxed, and in control you can be when everyone understands and follows instructions, when you are confident in your leadership, and when hidden tensions and confusion are resolved.

Let JB Partners help you create a people strategy that propels and strengthens every decision you make.

Proven Results for Your Organization

✓ Improved Hiring Process with Reduced Turnover

✓ Reliable Delegation Using Clear Expectations that are Met

✓ More Efficient, Productive Meetings with Smoother Workflow

✓ Greater Motivation with Better Employee Results

✓ Better Relationships with Staff & Patients

What's Included in Team Building

✓ Additional In-Office Visits

✓ Team Assessment Package

✓ Personalized Development Program for Each Team Member

✓ Team Communication Dynamics

✓ No "I" in Team Exercises and Trainings

✓ Monthly Team Coaching Calls

Go From BS Excuses to "Holy Sh*t!" Moments

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