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Why Book Jen for Your Conference?

You can build a successful practice with patients you were meant to serve, that inspire and energize you.   You can have a team that communicates effectively, that impacts case acceptance and patient referrals, and builds a reputation in your community.

From a direct increase in profit to a dramatic increase in client retention, from a more manageable work-life balance to a more fulfilled and purpose driven life, Jen Butler’s audiences consistently recognize her as a catalyst for change.  Jen’s seminars have been presented to thousands of healthcare professionals, small business owners, and corporate leaders on how to obtain sustainable profitability with less stress and more fulfillment.

What Jen Butler Offers

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From Functional to OPTIMAL –Facing the Realities of Stress and Kicking It’s A**

The REAL Production Formula– Transforming the Way You Achieve Success

From Chaos to Cohesiveness –Five Foundations for Predictable, Repeatable, and Scalable Success

Team Synergy–The Science Behind High Performing Teams

People that Drive You Crazy–Difficult People Made Easy

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The Best You in 5 Words - Everyone will relate to this personal, humorous, and insightful keynote presentation.

Attendees will walk away ready to break out of their box, live bolder, think bigger, and move forward by giant leaps.

They will learn the five, simple words it takes to be their best selves.

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