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We're more than our credentials…we are passionate about your success!

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What Does JB Partners Do?

JB Partners works to raise awareness around the facts of stress through their Rest Membership program and guides its members to permanent, behavioral changes so they experience less stress and their lives are more fulfilling.

JB Partners' primary focus is to work with organizations on establishing a culture of balance and stress management is a cornerstone of company values. By doing this, there is a ripple effect to individuals, teams, leaders, owners, vendors, and so on, where everyone can do their best work and live their best life while the business revenue climbs.

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Meet The Team!


Jen Butler

Jen's passion is to work with those leaders who have been held back by stress, fear, and frustration. If you are committed to improving your business, Jen has the leadership skills and stress management toolbox to bestow on you. In her career, Jen came to two important realizations. First, professionals do not benefit from generic, one-time motivational speeches and to-do lists. Instead, they need committed, customized support for significant changes. Second, that support has to be customized for each individual with step-by-step tools to address stress management, revenue flow, and leadership. Jen helps clients live up to their full potential, reach the next level of success as they define it, and discover the energy and momentum they have longed for.

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& Stress Management

While earning two bachelor's degrees - one in Public Health Administration and the other in Educational Psychology - Jen worked in hospitals, private practices, and became a paramedic, learning first-hand the challenges and relentless stress faced by medical professionals.

Building on her MEd and 25-years of experience in Learning & Development, Jen Butler has worked with entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate leaders, and executives on how to obtain sustainable profitability with less stress and more fulfillment.

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When you stay true to the trust you have in yourself life is more fulfilled and far less stressful.

InBusiness | "How Stress is Costing You Your Business"

Business owners make stressful decisions for the sake of their company, work long hours, take on more responsibility, and much more.

Resilient Magazine | "Growing Your Growth Mindset"

Learn from your mistakes and accept that true learning requires effort.

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