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About JB Partners

We're more than our credentials…we are passionate about your success!

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Why Choose Us?

Are you frustrated with managing your team and stymied with stagnant revenues? Has the stress affected your family relationships and enjoyment of life? Qualified, compassionate help is a phone call away!


Jen Butler, an expert in business consulting and coaching, brings a fresh perspective and more than 25 years of experience to business consulting. She helps businesses across the US and Canada get back to enjoying their work - and the financial and lifestyle benefits of success.

Meet The Team!


Jen Butler

Jen's passion is to work with those leaders who have been held back by stress, fear, and frustration. If you are committed to improving your business, Jen has the leadership skills and stress management toolbox to bestow on you. In her career, Jen came to two important realizations. First, professionals do not benefit from generic, one-time motivational speeches and to-do lists. Instead, they need committed, customized support for significant changes. Second, that support has to be customized with onsite coaching visits and step-by-step tools to address stress management, revenue flow, and leadership. Now Jen helps clients live up to their full potential, reach the next level of success as they define it, and discover the energy and momentum they have longed for. Under her guidance, JB Partners focuses on practical, manageable steps that lead to sustainable results.

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Mackenzie Butler

Being in love with the order and organization of things her entire life, coupled with her passion for creativity, Mackenzie finds it easy to take JB Partner's content and turn it into a masterful social experience. As a graduate of Arizona State University (2017) with a BS in Business Communications and a BS in Business Law (yup, she's SMaRT!), Mackenzie knew right away that working in Marketing Communications was exactly where she wanted to excel. Joining JB Partners in 2019 she has done just that as the Client Relationship Specialist/Marketing Coordinator. When she is not creating infographics, developing email campaigns, or interacting with JB Partner's followers, Mackenzie enjoys spending time with her beloved pup Huck.

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Experts in Leadership &
Business Consulting

While earning two bachelor's degrees - one in Public Health Administration and the other in Educational Psychology - Jen worked in hospitals, private practices, and became a paramedic, learning first-hand the challenges and relentless stress faced by medical professionals.


Building on her MEd and 25-years of experience in Learning & Development, Jen Butler has worked with entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate leaders, and executives on how to obtain sustainable profitability with less stress and more fulfillment.

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