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Introducing Kolbe™

Jen Butler is a certified consultant for the Kolbe System. With 750 hours of training and years of business consulting experience, you can trust that Jen is the right person for the job.

Kolbe™ makes finding the "right" person for the right job easier and less expensive. Kolbe™ A Index ends the headache of guessing how well a prospective employee will perform, by rating each candidate on a scale from "A" to "F," and providing information on how the applicant will take action according to job requirements.

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What is the Kolbe™ System?

The difference between success and failure is a great team. The Kolbe™ is a way for people to understand their own and each others instinctive strengths and use that understanding to improve their lives in ways that they care most about. It starts by taking the Kolbe™ A Index, which is an assessment that determines your natural talents, shows you how to leverage and maximize them so you work and move forward efficiently and productively. The Kolbe™ A Index has been proven to be reliable and valid, so you can trust the results it says about you and others.

Why do I need Kolbe™?

Cost Savings - Trim interviewing and retaining costs.

Employee Retention - Retention rate of managers increase from 60% to 100%.

Curbs Absenteeism - In companies where Kolbe™ A Index is used, less than 20% of low absenteeism employees were experiencing job stress.

Eliminates Job-Related Attrition - Employees hired using other selection methods left the company for job-related reasons compared to 0% of employees hired using Kolbe™ A Index.

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How is Kolbe™ Beneficial
to Businesses?

It takes the guesswork out of creating high-performance teams. By you and your team members taking the Kolbe™ A Index, you will concretely know how you all work best and ways in which to communicate with one another in your own natural languages. This results in less team turnover, consistent faces for patients to see when they come into the office, and less stress for you. The Kolbe™ also solves some common problems that teams experience. As a thought leader around stress and dentists, I can tell you that team issues are a major issue for leaders, whether you are the manager, team member, or front desk receptionist. The way in which your team communicates through a level of efficiency and proficiency in process and systems impacts you in a daily basis.

By you and your team taking the Kolbe™ A Index, you will be able to align duties and tasks to your natural talents and strengths. No more 'eenie meenie miney mo' or 'who has been here the longest'.

By intentionally and strategically aligning tasks and duties that are necessary to run your business, it increases the joy and passion everyone has in their position, directly impacting their performance.

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