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Assess Workplace Stress

Uncover signs and symptoms of workplace stress, so organizational change is possible.

Assessing Leaders and Teams

There are several types of assessments to give organizational leaders insight as to the kind of stress employees have, what type of coping methods would best suit their situation and how to increase their ability to manage stress permanently.  Each assessment provides more answers to the complexity of stress as each stress program, to be truly effective, is highly personalized and custom tailored for the unique stressors of each organization.

NOTE: The following assessments are tools to be used to create a higher awareness around the issues of stress. They are not intended to be diagnostic and you are encouraged to seek medical guidance from your primary physician.

There Are 3 Ways to Assess Workplace Stress

1. Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment

The Energy Leadership™ Index (E.L.I.) is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables leaders to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities. The E.L.I. forms the initial launching point for the Energy Leadership Development System, helping give you a baseline for your current performance and situation.

The only constant is change. We all experience changes in needs, expectations, the environment, relationships, careers, economics, business, time demands, and more. There is no one formula that will allow us to effectively manage change, and even less information about how not only to survive, but thrive, in the face of change.

Change affects us everywhere and in everything we live for. Today, the security we seek from the various aspects of our lives is no longer guaranteed on any level. Whether you’d like to protect your relationship, the investment you made in your key employee, your financial status, or your family, you’ve worked hard to be where you are today, and you desire and deserve to know that all of your personal and professional efforts are secure.

To create an effective personal system for thriving in our ever-changing world, while also securing all you've worked for, you will need to become an ideal leader. To assist you, we have created...Energy Leadership™.

2. Kolbe™ A Index

Kolbe™ A Index makes finding the “right” person for the right job easier and less expensive. Kolbe™ A Index ends the headache of guessing how well a prospective employee will perform by rating each candidate on a scale from “A” to “F,” and providing information on how the applicant will take action according to job requirements.

3. Company-Wide Health Risk Assessment

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