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Communication Training

Whether you are the sender of a message or the receiver, you speak and hear according to your own unique needs and feelings.

Essentials in Communication Training

What this means is that often when you think you are being clear you aren’t and others can’t understand you. They want to understand, but they see or hear things from their own perspectives, not yours.

What You Will Learn

The Essentials in Communication Training will give you the skills to:

Expand your versatility in communication styles

Speak with inspirational authority

Listen so you grow with and for your family, friends, and team

Ask empowering questions to explore new solutions

Recognize your stories and the lies you tell yourself

The agenda for this course includes a 1- or 2-day schedule depending on your desired outcome.  So, whether your difficulty in communication has consequences at home, work, or in general, this fun, high-energy training will make the topic of communication enjoyable to learn.

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