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Stress Fundamentals

A central or primary rule or principle on which stress is based.

Understanding Stress Fundamentals

There are three different types of stress that impact all of us on a regular basis. They manifest in simple tasks like driving in traffic or waiting on test results to major transitions, such as your kids moving away to making career altering decisions. Whether you’re a supervisor, entry level, or CEO, when any team member is feeling stressed it directly impacts customer acquisition, employee engagement, production, and profits. Don’t fool yourself, stress in any area of your life can and does limit your potential for success. Know the three types of stress people experience so you can develop the right plan for you. When you know the type of stress you are under, you will be able to manage it better.


Practice Stress Reducing

De-stress by decluttering your mind. Rather than committing your brainpower to growing to-do lists, ever-changing appointments, and worrying thoughts, why not free your mental space from all that thought juggling. Start writing stuff down. Technology has made it easy to record information directly to our digital calendars and e-lists using a keyboard or a stylus; of course, you can go old school and grab a pen and paper. Where do we begin on that daunting list of things to do? Often we just tick off the low hanging tasks, get them done thinking this will motivate us to do the larger more important tasks. In fact, this method only leaves us too tired to tackle what needs to get done. Failing to plan is planning to fail or as a trainer once said to me, “Don’t be scared, be prepared.” You have a list of to-do’s, now where to begin in planning and prioritizing that list. The basic understanding is that the human mind can only focus for a limited time before it needs rest. It is this resting point that is critical to exercise in order to perform the task at hand optimally. You can start practicing healthy habits to reduce your stress at ANY time. All it takes is the first step in the right direction.

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