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Fatigue and headaches are very common stress symptoms. It can be caused by several things:

1. Lack of hydration. Our bodies start to shut down when we don’t get enough liquid, especially water. Make sure to drink 1/2 oz per pound you weigh. That’s every day and only measure water. Other liquids don’t count towards your intake.

2. Jaw clenching. Our muscles become very tense due to the chemicals released during a stress event. Our facials muscles get extra work because we often bite down during stressful times, which overworks our facial muscles. Doing exercises that relax those muscles will help as well as getting a nightguard from your dentist. People with stress often have fractures in their teeth that break their teeth down faster. It also contributes to headaches.

3. Lack of sleep. If you’re not sleeping enough or simply just not well this will cause fatigue and headaches. Sleep in a cold, dark room each night with absolutely no light. If you can’t turn off your brain sing the ABCs over and over again. Thinking something mundane and rote will bore your brain into a deep slumber.