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Know Your Stress

Identify and reduce stressors that hold you back from living and working to your full potential. Managing stress is vital to your success; stop stressing, start living.

Why Knowing Your Stress is Important

Unless you know you have a problem, how do you know you need to deal with it? What would be your first steps? How much of one thing would you need over another? The honest answer is, you wouldn’t. You’d be taking a shot in the dark hoping something works as a possible solution. That’s not how SMaRT works.

In order to truly create a SMaRT plan for yourself you first must Know Your Stress. You need to know the type of stress you’re experiencing, what is causing the stress, and how your body is reacting to that trigger. This is your first step and we’ll take it together.

Quick Facts About Stress

  • Stress is an involuntary hormonal response.
  • Chronic stress can result in physical symptoms such as headaches, digestive problems, acne, increased risk of type 2 diabetes, and increased risk of heart disease.
  • A 15-second episode can cause hormonal changes that last for six hours. 
  • Your genes can dictate the way you handle stress.
  • 3 out of 4 Americans reported experiencing at least one stress symptom in the last month.
  • 45 percent of surveyed Americans reported lying awake at night.
  • 36 percent of surveyed Americans reported feeling nervous or anxious.
  • 35 percent of surveyed Americans reported irritability or anger.
  • 34 percent of surveyed Americans reported fatigue due to stress.

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