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The REAL Production Formula:

Get Ready to Execute!

Friday, January 10, 2020  |  11a MST, 12p CST | In Association with the NAGD/IAGD

About This Webinar

Were you intrigued by what Jen Butler presented at our conference?

You're not alone!

We got so many questions asking for more that Jen Butler is offering a free follow-up webinar to answer your questions and deepen your understanding.

The focus of this 1-hour webinar is to go deeper into each metric while giving you concrete tools for implementation. If you are truly wanting to increase your production, this is the right way to make it happen.


For those attending live, we will be providing OVER $5000 worth of documented processes and systems that will support your team in achieving higher goals.

jen butler headshot_DSC6905

Jen Butler, Founder, JB Partners

Certified Stress Management and Resiliency Training Consultant

“Jen’s ability to help with stress management helped me to learn how to motivate my employees and gain rapport with my staff.”

Increase Production

Concrete Tools to Implement

Deeper Metrics


✓ Reinforce the REAL Production Formula

✓ Deepen your understanding of each metric

✓ Develop strategies to influence each element of the formula

✓ Learn to communicate with your team on the importance of each KPI

✓ After implementation, then what?