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An environment that energizes you

Create an environment that energizes and refreshes you

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Do you work in an environment that inspires and energizes you throughout the day? Chances are you don’t, given that not many people can claim such a paradise.

But whether you consider yourself an introvert (someone who gains energy with quiet and/or individual activities) or extrovert (someone who gains energy through social interactions and/or group events), there is only so much energy you have to expend during the day. If your work continually drains you, by the time the workday ends and personal time begins, there is nothing left. Your personal and business life and your relationships suffer, and you search high and low for an excuse to disengage and shut down.

The Two Types of People

If you regularly suffer from a personal energy crisis, you’re not alone — and there is definitely something you can do about it! Here are a couple of pointers for each type of person:

As an introvert, you need clear boundaries in the workplace. You need time to recharge throughout the day and coworkers should not take it personally when you close the door to your office. Always take lunch. A 30-minute break mid-day gives you the much needed time to fully recharge. Your afternoon will be much more productive and profitable if you give yourself a full break.

As an extrovert, your workplace can nourish your energy. You find it easy to get drawn into a great conversation. But your enthusiasm for interactions may throw off the schedule, which limits production and places the team into stress overdrive. Not everyone is a chatterbox. Learn social and body language cues that indicate when people are finished with a conversation.

Every morning we wake up with our vessel full of a finite amount of energy. Stress in the workplace (and the rest of our lives) is so pervasive because we think we can do more, be more, achieve more, have more and make more than the next person because they should be more than the next person. This is a myth that has real and tangible consequences. 

Protecting your energy vessel must be your No. 1 goal every day. Exercise, talk with your family, play with your kids, participate in study clubs, and the list goes on. Do what you know you need to do to replenish your energy throughout the day? If not explore that, because there is no rational excuse big enough to miss out on all that life has to offer.

Questions to Fill You

Ask yourself the following questions; the answers will help you discover your own ways to fill up your vessel throughout your day.

What brings you complete joy? Is it music? If so, integrate it into your day:  during your commute, through headphones at work, in your private office. If your family brings you joy, hang their pictures everywhere; schedule brief calls every day; watch videos of family events at lunch or when you are taking a break.

What memory makes you smile? Relive the memory often and again hang pictures of a memorable event; talk about the memory with others; and place souvenirs of a favorite trip or hangout in your office.

How do you relax at home? Let yourself watch YouTube videos (funny ones!)— laughter is one of the top ways to reduce stress. Lay on your couch or stretch out in a relaxing chair for a few minutes and listen to a meditation program; listen to comedy stations online or via a streaming radio service. 

For emotional energy, talk to yourself out loud with positive statements (people will think you’re singing). Tell yourself to let go of the day’s woes and negativity, remind yourself of all the great, wonderful, fun and positive things that happened today. It works.

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