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Dentist Stress Reduction Series Part II

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I was a guest on the the Relentless Dentist podcast where we discussed the very real and emergent topic of stress in dentistry.

In Episode 2 of this three-part series on Dental Stress Reduction,  we discuss the facts about about What is Stressing Dentists.

Listen to Episode 2:  What is Stressing Dentists?

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Quotes & Notes:

Dental Stressors:

  1. Time Pressures is number one. Time pressures can be ranging from too much time to not enough time.
  2. Patient Demands, meaning patients that demand your time, demand a discount, demand your personal cell phone number, demand you open on Saturdays.
  3. Uncooperative Patients
  4. High level of concentration and focus that dentistry requires (as identified by studies)
  5. Team Issues. When you have any more than two people working together you are going to have an issue.  Issues are normal in a relationship.

In Episode 1, we talked about the first step, Know Your Stress.  Now we are taking about the second step, Assess Your Stress.

  • When someone assesses their stress and knows their stress response, they can then look out for their own stress triggers.
  • That stress threshold is very unique to each individual.
  • You can’t be proactive if you are in the crud of things.
  • Stress is a biological reaction that we have implemented over and over.
  • The most documented, the most researched, the most effective coping method to do for us, is breathing.


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