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Know Workplace Stress

Identify and reduce stressors that hold you back from living and working to your full potential. Managing stress is vital to your success; stop stressing, start living.

Increase Revenue by Knowing About Workplace Stress

Stress is a great producer of energy, alertness, and productivity. It’s what helps all of us meet deadlines, take on new challenges, and accept risk. Without a healthy dose of stress most companies would be stagnant in growth, acquisition, and revenue.

Now with unrealistic expectations of long hours, over-committed workloads, unrelenting loyalty, and increasing lack of control over their careers, workplace stress has quickly become the biggest hindrance to a business’s bottom-line. Essential resources such as time, money, training, and brainstorming can be cannibalized to combat employee attrition, absenteeism, healthcare costs, and low morale.

Businesses can spend the same resources on SMaRT programs that have a $6 return for every $1 spent. The smart, business decision is clear.

According to many research organizations, the following are the top 5 stress producers in the workplace:

Increasing workload due to staff cutbacks or high turnover with no more job satisfaction or recognition

Issues with people and unfair treatment

Juggling personal life with work demands

Fear of being laid off so work at optimum levels all the time

Unrealistic demands from management

Emailing, writing, and timing

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