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Mentoring can boost employee performance and streamline practice performance

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If you’re bringing a new associate into your practice, then you’re thinking about ways to help  him or her blend into the team quickly and easily. That’s a very sensible approach, and one that shouldn’t be limited to associates, but rather should encompass the whole staff. Some places see the mentoring their employees route a great route of helping.

Mentoring is often thought of as “showing the new employee the ropes,” and that’s certainly a big part of the job. Teaching what to do, and not do, is a core function of a good mentor. Even so, he or she also will need to wear a few other hats: sounding board, cheerleader, taskmaster — and friend. Those roles also come in handy with support staff as well and help humanize you as a boss while also ensuring that you are seen as the final arbiter of how things are done.

Through strong lines of communication and goal setting, you can have a practice where everyone is engaged and knows their role in the hierarchy. A good team consists of a group where everyone knows his or her role is of value, and where each person is willing to step outside their assigned zone to help others get the job finished.

I recently wrote about mentoring for Dental Economics. That article focused on onboarding a new associate successfully, but there’s so much more to mentoring. What, for example, would happen if you took a mentoring approach to explore the battles front-desk staff face, or the staffer tasked with filing and following up on, insurance claims, billing, and collections?

Upcoming Webinar

On April 19 I’ll be hosting a webinar that will cover some of these areas, and quite a bit more! Join me to explore:

How to help front-desk staff overcome daily struggles
Moving past myths about adjustments and write-offs
Simple answers to common questions about submitting claims

And we’ll also dive into some routine pain points dentists experience, such as:

The practice is full all day, so where’s the money?
How can I better oversee claims submission and adjustments?
How do I connect the right insurance for the highest fee schedule?

It’ll be a fast-paced and informative session, and I hope you’re able to join in. For more information, or to register, please visit  

And in the meantime, I’d like to share some tips on achieving better verification results — click here and enjoy!

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