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Situational Stress

Time Well Spent

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Reducing your situational stress will dramatically change how you feel, think, and behave each day. Taking the steps to increase your time management skills will make the greatest impact on this.

Continuing from a previous entry, Where Does The Time Go, step two in this process is determining if your time was well spent. You can only move forward with this step if you completed the activity in the previous post. If you haven’t, go back, complete, and return. Really…

Now, to further understand how you spend your time, list each activity from Where Does The Time Go tracker under one of these categories:

Useless- Low Effort, Low Impact

These activities took little effort to complete and had little impact on reducing your stress. None of these activities are important to complete and should always be low on your priority list.

That Was Dumb- High Effort, Low Impact

These activities take a lot of effort to complete and their results had little to no impact on reducing your stress. They are the classic time robbers! You should consider a new way to do these tasks, delegate them to someone more qualified, or hire someone to do the work for you.

Big Benefit- Low Effort, High Impact

Each of these activities is well worth your time. They give you the most bang for your buck while keeping your stress low.

Major Wins- High Effort, High Impact

Although time-consuming, these activities have results that are worth your effort. You want to keep these to a minimum and only work on one or two Major Wins at one time. Take caution, it’s easy to allow Major Wins to take up the majority of your time.

There is no denying the power of a great visual to help you understand and see your areas of opportunity and strength. Look to see how your activities and behaviors are impacting your level of stress and productivity.

Step three of your time management learning- Prioritize, Plan, and Prosper– is to put together an action plan that will add months of productivity to your schedule and reduce your situational stress long-term.


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