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Top 5 stressors in Dentistry

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Top 5 Stressors

Each dentist has their own stress triggers depending on their ability to resolve a situation and the number of tools and resources they can mobilize to create solutions.  Keeping that in mind, there are the Top 5 stress triggers that are common.  Just read through any message board or eavesdrop on a band of study club members and you’ll hear remnants of each of these.  Here are the top 5 in order of stress level as reported by research respondents:

  1. Time pressures
  2. Patient demands
  3. Uncooperative patients (children, fearful, nervous, or militant)
  4. High levels of concentration and focus
  5. Team issues 

On average, dentists experienced 5-7 stress triggers each day.  Those with moderate to severe stress had been affected by their stress to the point it interfered with their usual, daily activities 5 days a month.  That is 60 days out of every year dentists are so impacted by the stress they disengage, cancel work days, don’t have the energy to lead their teams, miss opportunity for case acceptance, and further isolate themselves in their offices.

Here’s what you can do today…

  • Visit and see all they have to offer on Time Management.
  • Check out my blogs for info on Working with Fearful Patients.
  • Schedule 50 minutes of every 60 to make room for mental breaks.
  • Hold daily Business Meetings to talk with your team.

Want to know HOW to cope with these stressors?  Read on with the next blog title.

Want to know how to handle your stress? Click Here! 

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