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Use Your Muscles to Relax

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jbcphotorelaxationProgressive Relaxation has been scientifically proven to help with reducing stress.  It can be done anywhere and takes just moments to complete.  

Tips for Dental Pros:

  • The dental chair is the perfect chair to practice progressive relaxation.  Get to the office 15 minutes early, take out segments of your lunch hour, and stay late to make use of an empty op.
  • During a day of patient care, take an extra minute or two in the bathroom for a shortened version of progressive relaxation.  Staying calm and mentally strong helps you navigate through a long day of patients.
  • Share with the team what you are doing and why.  Letting them know you are actively addressing your stress gives them an opportunity to support you and maybe even join in.
  • Be sure to feel safe and in a place where you can let your mind release and not constantly listen to all the little sounds around you.
  • Create a poster of JBC PRM Steps and hang it in each operatory.  Encourage your anxious patients to follow the steps while they relax prior to seeing you.

For the most effective use of Progressive Relaxation follow these simple guidelines:

  • Give yourself 5-10 minutes.
  • Close your eyes and block out all distractions.
  • Remove your socks and shoes.  Having your bare feet feel the ground often helps with balance and provides a place of comfort when your eyes are closed.
  • Listen to relaxing music (classical or meditative).  You can store several choices on your phone for easy access.
  • For the first two weeks, practice these steps twice a day.  Eventually as your body learns how to relax, it will find it easier as you go along.
  • BE PROACTIVE and don’t wait until you are anxious or stressed to perform progressive relaxation.  The more often you complete it when you are calm, the easier it is to complete when you are stressed.

If you can’t incorporate the above, don’t worry.  Your body will take what it can get.

How did this work for you?  Leave a comment below!

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