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What Every Practice Owner Can Learn From Band Geeks

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Learn from Band Geeks

I was taking a few moments to get connected with my Facebook friends. That’s a nice way of saying I was procrastinating from doing something I’m not looking forward to doing. I came across a post about marching bands in Rolling Stone Magazine that peeked my interest. So I followed the proverbial bunny trail and watched the videos and read the article. I was shocked and amazed at what I watched. Having been a band geek for all of my school years I appreciate the sounds and movement of a great marching band. What I noticed was far more…it was a lesson for every dental professional to learn.

Key Terms to Learn

Precision– A team that knows exactly what their role is, how their role works within the team, where they are supposed to be and when. Precision is the workings of a team that has mastery over their processes and systems while understanding the big picture of their role within the team.

Communication– Providing constant feedback and praise for in-the-moment adjustments allows the team to navigate through the ebb and flows of the office.

InnovationWhen there is a problem, they quickly adapt and innovate solutions.

Flow– Weaving in and out through intricate poses and situations effectively. They trust each other will be where they need to be, when they need to be, doing what they need to be doing.

SharingEveryone gets to have the spotlight. They celebrate each section, department, and give people an opportunity to shine.

Creativity– They look at their space (a football field) and turn it into anything and everything they want.

ConnectionThey engage their audience, drawing them into the process and system of the event. They connect with people even hundreds of feet away!

Engagement– They provide an opportunity for the team and their audience to engage on multiple levels and multiple times.

CommitmentHave you ever been in a band? It takes hours and hours of practice, performing the same mundane routines over and over and over until perfection. Breaking them down into small sections, looking at what’s working and what’s not, to ensure they are prepared for what’s next.

Standing out– Different bands can do the same songs but they make sure they stand out from everyone else. They build on their strengths, compensate for their weaknesses, and come prepared to be better, do better, and strive further than their competitors.

Known LeaderThey all know who their leader is and they follow, willingly.

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