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How stressed are dentists?

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How Stressed are Dentists?

Short answer:  Severely!

Long Answer:  In completing a thorough literature review of the relevant studies available 86% of dentists experience moderate to severe stress.   Considering less than half of the general population claims moderate to severe stress levels (48.1%), dental professionals are definitely the outlier. I also found no statistical difference between the number of female and male dentists and their perception of stress levels.  

Let’s do the math…There are approximately 190,000 dentists in the US (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2013).  At the lower end 157,130 and the top end, 163,400 of dentists are moderate to severe stress. It’s ok…reread those numbers.  Get out your own calculator and do the math.  Try and get your head around all of it.  That number is as huge as it sounds.

Until we face reality around the issue of stress in dentistry, these numbers won’t change.

So, the next time you go to a study club meeting, the CE course or dental convention looks around, then calculate 86%.  It’s time we do something to change the impact stress is having on the dental industry.  It’s time we face reality.

Coming next…What influences stress levels?  Hint: there are 4 BIG ones.

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