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Energetic Word Choice

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Communication is a large part body language and moderate percentage tone of voice. When increasing their communications skills, many leaders focus on these two areas alone thinking they are covering the majority of their communication efforts. Communication is not a formula where two of the three variables are acknowledged and the other ignored. All three variables must be nurtured, mastered, and used in order to have effective communication. 

Word choice makes up the smallest amount of our communication message and a very important small part. Our word choice reinforces the energy and perspective of our message. For example, if someone were to say to you, “That idea won’t work, I wouldn’t even try it,” you might feel deflated and not move forward with an exciting opportunity. You walk away repeating those words in your head creating and spinning a web of doubt and negativity.

Leaders understand word choice will influence each of their tribe members. They avoid killer phrases, opting for igniter phrases. Killer Phrases are negative statements that tend to shut people down and make them reluctant to voice future ideas or participate in 1:1 or group discussions. They squelch good ideas, slow progress, and inhibit innovation. Igniter Phrases are positive statements that inspire and engage people to voice and pursue new ideas and act creatively with curiosity within a group. They move people towards synergy, building forward momentum.

Activity: From Killer to Igniter Phrases

Instructions: Listed are common killer phrases. Read each killer phrase and write an igniter phrase to replace it.

Key Takeaways

Communication can stifle or encourage creativity and connection. It's important to choose your words carefully so we ignite conversation. Check out the activity "From Killer to Igniter Phrases."

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