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Physical Effects of Stress

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Deadlines were looming at work; they were always looming and he had not been able to take a vacation for 3 years. He had just been diagnosed with adult-onset diabetes; his weight was out of control; and then his life partner left him. For one week, the office could not reach him and no one answered his door when team mates went to check on him. Finally, in the middle of week two, his parents called the office. He was recuperating from a mild heart attack at their home and he would not be returning to work.



She was constantly worried—about her job, her children, the state of her car and the state of the world—she could not count on or control anything around her. One day she realized her hair was falling out, actually thinning from day to day. Her arthritis flared up until she could barely stand to wash the dishes. Her immune system was attacking her.

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