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Decision Making Processes

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Our courses are designed to introduce the basics of each 11 fundamental categories leading to stress and give you the context of why and how you might be stressed by it. It’s for that reason that we are going to introduce you to several different decision making processes and direct you to the Deeper Dive section for more in-depth, how-to-implement for each one.

The following illustration summarizes the overall design of each model, pros/cons, when to use it, and when to avoid it. We selected models that are more commonly used, have scientific backing, and prove to be valid and reliable in their many applications.

We also selected a variety of models so you can have tools for quick, immediate decision making or for those decisions that require a complex, get-to-the-right-answer process.

However you move on, you can’t go wrong with these resources.

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Key Takeaways

You'll find details for 5 different decision making models to discover when the best time to use each model is. You'll find a summary, best used when, avoid when, pros, cons, a personal example and workplace example.

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