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The New Beginning

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The New Beginning is the fourth phase of Adapting to Change.  When you arrive at The New Beginning, the emotions, self-talk, and behaviors from the previous phases are now part of your daily life. If not, then you are still in The Turning Point phase or earlier, learning how to adjust and course-correct from all of the transitions.

Transitioning into The New Beginning and being in The New Beginning can be two very different states of being.  For example, as you enter into The New Beginning your self-talk becomes more neutral and emotions about the original change event might no longer impact your Outcome/Performance. You may even vacillate between excitement and fear, confidence and doubt. You’re starting to see glimmers of a new normal while the shadows of previous phases and transitions pull you backwards. This unsettling state brings about a lot of stress for most of us.

It isn’t until you are fully into The New Beginning that you consistently feel, think, and view your world through the lens of your new normal. This can take very little or a significant amount of time depending on your successes to achieve positive outcomes. It is only after your behaviors become part of your habits and unconscious mind that you have fully gone through the entire Change Process.

Key Takeaways

This module reviews the core concepts of the fourth phase of Adapting to Change, The New Beginning. It also takes you through a self-guided activity which allows you to create an action plan based on the “Thriving through Change” model.

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