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Wrap Up

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You have seen how complex Adapting to Change is.  It will continue to be a process of self-talk, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that, by the choices you make, positive and negative, will have significant impact on your worldview and stress levels.

The key to Adapting to Change is to build habits and patterns of positivity.  You do that by continuing the behaviors you currently do that create the end result you desire, stop behaviors giving you unacceptable outcomes, and start performing behaviors that gives you the total solution.

In order to accomplish this you want to ask questions of yourself and others.  This is where it is determined if you just survive through change or if you thrive through it.  Having the knowledge and understanding of a change event allows you to learn and grow so in the current situation you can react and respond with a positive outcome and performance.  In addition, it allows you to manage similar change events in the future so they might not be as difficult to navigate and trigger your stress response.

Final Debrief Questions:

  1. How do you see Adapting to Change helping you to Get SMaRT compared to when you first started this course?
  2. Before you started the Thriving Through Change Action Plan we talked about the benefits of creating an action plan. What benefits do you see coming now that it’s finished and you’re ready to implement it?

Key Takeaways

The key to Adapting to Change is to build habits and patterns of positivity. Review the final debrief questions and reflect on what you've learned before your quiz.

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