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Who Will Join You

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CONGRATULATIONS! You’re about to arrive at your destination and the feeling is exhilarating. You had clarity to follow your roadmap, the KAS’s to maneuver around the potholes and obstacles, sustainable energy to make the long journey, and now you are about to revel in all of your rewards.

The 5-star restaurant is more than you expected. You take a comfortable seat next to your friend, mouthwatering for the upcoming fine dining experience. Then…nothing. No wait staff, no water service, no menus, no smells coming from the kitchen. No team to execute all the necessary tasks so you can have your premier experience.

Imagine your organization is like this restaurant, without a team. No one to execute all of the hundreds of tasks necessary for clients to have their experience. Or, what can be worse, is a team that is more compliant than committed. When you have a staff that is compliant to policies and duties they lack the consideration for the people side of an organization. It shows in how they answer the phone and their body language when they interact with patients. When you don’t have committed team members that believe in your VMM, are dedicated to self- improvement, or match your positive energy, it slows the forward motion of the team and growth of the business. It also makes it difficult to come to work each day and enjoy what you do and where you do it. This module is designed for you to have the necessary conversations with your team so you can decide who will join you.

In the module series you will:

Module 1- Clarify where you are going.

Module 2- Establish how you will get there.

Module 3- Determine how fast you will go.

Module 4 – Identify who will choose to join you.

The remainder of your business, building blocks will be placed on top of your foundation so don’t take these first modules lightly. Your effort here will be palpable and measurable later.

Key Takeaways

In this module, you'll choose who will join you during this process.

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